Coetzee Architects & Associates was initially established as Lodewyk Coetzee Argitekte in 2009. In 2012, Lodewyk J. Coetzee, as the Principal, formed a partnership with Adelai Alberts, leading to the inception of Coetzee Alberts Architects on 1st September 2012. Over the course of 11 years, our practice has evolved into a business recognized for its integrity and solid business acumen, which aligns with the ethical values we hold dear.

Throughout our partnership, we successfully completed various projects aimed at contributing positively to the world of architecture. We focused on creating buildings that harmonize with their surroundings, sites, and cater to the unique needs of each client as individuals, acknowledging that no two clients are alike.

During this partnership, we honed our skills through a diverse range of projects, spanning alterations and additions to residential, commercial, retirement, and development facilitation.

In 2023, a new chapter unfolded for our practice,  as Adelai Alberts left the practice to pursue her passion at Ad&co. However, her legacy continues to influence our design approach, remaining an integral part of our practice, especially in the conceptualization phase through a well-thought-out design process. These concepts are seamlessly integrated with a hand-sketching design approach that fosters creative freedom and originality. Each project uniquely encapsulates these ideas in a highly creative and accessible manner.




Lodewyk is an Urban Designer at heart, with a strong belief that a building's value extends beyond its physical presence to its surrounding context. The essence of our architectural philosophy is to enhance the environment in which a building is situated. We strive to create buildings that stand the test of time, remaining relevant and resilient over the years, embodying the principles of enduring architecture.

Our practice is dedicated to taking our clients on a journey, helping them grasp the merits of our design approach to achieve the best possible results within the established project brief.

The specialization of Lodewyk J. Coetzee lies in the seamless integration of conceptual spatial development with the translation of these ideas into tangible, constructible buildings. Fueled by a passion for transforming concepts into unique expressions that reflect the individual identities of the site, client, and program, our approach leads to the creation of distinctive building forms.

Our process isn't about imposing preconceived styles or ideas onto a project but rather focuses on  the thoughtful placement of architectural elements, materials, and forms that naturally align with the project's underlying concept. We prioritize the evolution of building structures, pushing the boundaries to ensure that spatial quality takes precedence over mere engineering considerations.

At its core, architecture is an emotive art form, and we recognize its profound impact on the emotions and experiences of the people who inhabit these spaces. We're committed to crafting environments that resonate with the psyche of the users, fostering a deep connection between individuals and the spaces they inhabit.

In our design development process, we employ various software packages to ensure the highest level of detail and precision. These include Autodesk Revit, Lumion, and Microsoft 365, which facilitate real-time information sharing with our clients from the project's inception through to key handover upon the building's completion.

We offer our architectural services in six distinct stages, outlined as Stage 1 –Stage 6.

Additionally, we provide Project Management services as an optional supplement, overseen by a Professional Project Manager.  However, it's crucial to note that our primary focus, particularly in Stage 4.2, Stages 5, and 6, centres on administering the building contract, be it the JBCC or NEC

During the construction phase, we work closely with the entire professional team, including the building contractor. The project manager collaborates with the contractor's team to ensure the project adheres to the established timeline and budget, unless the client decides to modify the project scope through the consultants. This collaborative effort ensures that the architect, acting as the client's agent, maintains control over the construction process. The construction phase can be either a pleasant experience or challenging, but our commitment to providing sound advice, practicing brutal honesty, and fostering trust among all parties involved forms the cornerstone of our success.